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Seeking better learning insights? Engagement Sliders simplifies feedback, empowering teachers to drive student success.

Why Engagement Sliders?

Engagement Sliders is more than just a tool; it's a revolutionary approach to understanding and enhancing learner engagement. By prioritizing meaningful conversations and enabling real-time insights and quick adjustments, it places learners at the center of the learning process.

Enjoy Unlimited Surveys

Create an unlimited number of quick and easy surveys for fast feedback on your lesson, course, or class etc.

Instant Lesson Feedback

Receive metrics on enjoyment and challenge, alongside a written comment from each learner.

Measure Student Engagement

Visualize data based on individual learner, lesson, class or custom group. Compare data over time.

For Learners

  • Engage and Reflect

    Respond to surveys, indicate perceptions of enjoyment and challenge, and be an active participant in the learning process.

  • Voice Your Perspective

    Respond to surveys, indicate perceptions of enjoyment and challenge, and be an active participant in the learning process.

For Teachers

  • Create and Share

    Easily design surveys, share through multiple platforms, and invite students to respond.

  • Analyze, Reflect, and Adapt

    Filter and analyze feedback, identify engagement trends, and optimize teaching strategies for better alignment with student needs.


How it works

Teaching, at its best, is a dialogue. Engagement Sliders bridges the gap between educators and learners, underpinning a cycle of instruction, reflection, and intelligent adaptation.

Create a Survey

With Engagement Sliders, teachers can easily set up a survey that measures the two dimensions of engagement, namely students' enjoyment and sense of challenge in a learning task or curriculum area. The intuitive design ensures a hassle-free experience and questionnaires that are easy to share.

Students Reflect and Respond

Students are invited to reflect on their learning experience by sliding a dot to indicate their perspectives. They can also add notes for extra feedback. This process promotes reflective learning and gives students an active voice in their education.

Real-Time Insights

Teachers receive immediate feedback, visualized on a four-quadrant matrix. This matrix represents the challenge level (y-axis) and enjoyment (x-axis), with quadrants named Bored, Entertained, Grind, and Engaged. The "sweet spot" in the top right quadrant indicates optimal engagement. Learners can also add a comment to each response.

Analyze and Identify Trends

Advanced longitudinal analytics allow teachers to filter the data based on various parameters like students, groups, subjects, or time frames. This enables trend analysis and helps teachers to identify specific cohorts who require attention.

Foster Conversations and Build Relationships

The application not only provides insights but prompts teachers to have meaningful conversations with learners. This fosters strong relationships and builds a trust-filled environment where students understand that their feedback is valued.

Adapt and Refine Teaching Strategies

Using the insights gathered, teachers can adapt their teaching strategies to better align with students' needs. The goal is to move learners towards the "Engaged" quadrant, where they feel appropriately challenged and enjoy the learning process.

Track Changes and Continuous Improvement

Teachers can track engagement over time and make necessary adjustments to ensure continuous improvement. It's like fine-tuning and adding seasoning to get the perfect balance in the learning design.

Repeat and Refine

The cycle continues as teachers repeat the process, constantly inquiring, reflecting, and adjusting to meet the diverse needs of learners. It's an ongoing cycle of teaching, collecting feedback, and adjustment, all designed to optimize the learning experience.

The engagement matrix

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Immediate feedback with advanced analytics, all in a user-friendly design.

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Amplify Every Voice

  • Uncover hidden perspectives with intuitive survey designs.

  • Bridge the communication gap, ensuring feedback even from the most introverted learners.

  • Value and amplify every student's feedback to foster inclusivity and diversity.

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Drive Meaningful Conversations

  • Turn feedback into dynamic dialogues that shape the learning experience.

  • Utilize the "Teacher View" to dive deep into learner sentiments, enabling nuanced discussions.

  • Craft spaces where feedback fosters understanding, empathy, and collective growth.

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Champion Learner Agency

  • Foster reflective learning and promote learner agency through self-assessments.

  • Personalize learning journeys based on individual feedback and preferences.

  • Empower students to take control of their learning outcomes, harnessing the power of self-awareness.

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Prioritize Accessibility

  • Engage diverse learners effortlessly with online accessibility via web or app interfaces.

  • Simplify feedback sharing with QR code integrations and embeddable questionnaires.

  • Optimize for both tech-savvy students and those new to digital tools, ensuring no learner is left behind.

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Empower Continuous Improvement

  • Glean actionable insights from longitudinal analytics.

  • Pivot and adapt teaching methods with real-time feedback mechanisms.

  • Integrate the cycles of teaching, feedback, and targeted improvements seamlessly.

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Reimagine Feedback Mechanisms

  • Infuse the learner experience with real-time feedback, transforming the classroom dynamic.

  • Move beyond traditional evaluation methods to uncover deeper, richer insights.

  • Foster growth, resilience, and a culture of continuous evolution through consistent feedback loops.

Take strides toward a more inclusive, engaging, and feedback-rich environment.

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Frequently asked questions

What is Engagement Sliders?

Engagement Sliders is a transformative educational technology tool, designed to bridge the communication gap between teachers and students. Its user-friendly interface offers immediate, insightful feedback, translating learning observations into actionable insights. By providing advanced longitudinal analytics and real-time trend analysis, Engagement Sliders empowers teachers with tools for continuous improvement, tailored to individual learning needs. Whether enhancing engagement in schools or adapting to professional development settings, Engagement Sliders paves the way for a more reflective, equitable, and data-driven learning environment.

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes we offer a 30 day free trial. Register and try it today - you can cancel your subscription at anytime.

Do you have a mobile or desktop app?

Engagement Sliders is a web app that works on both mobile and desktop. Questionnaires are easy to complete on all all devices. We recommend using a tablet or desktop for management and analytics.

What different uses does Engagement Sliders have?

Engagement Sliders is of value in all types of learning environments

  • Schools

  • Universities

  • Home Schooling

  • Teacher Professional Learning & Development

  • Corporate Training

  • Workshops

  • Online Learning

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