Making Every Voice Matter

Capture every learner's sentiment, dive into meaningful discussions, and elevate engagement.

Easy to use

Stay attuned to the heartbeat of learning with easy, regular assessments. Effortlessly connect with each learner, ensuring everyone's voice is heard.

Instant Feedback

Convert insights into actionable learning adjustments. Ignite rich, timely conversations that elevate both teaching methods and student engagement.

Trend Tracker

Inquire into the learning journey, be it individual, group based, or subject-specific. Navigate teaching strategies with clarity, pinpointing areas of triumph and those in need of attention.

Smart student feedback transforms teaching

“Those learning conversations, and showing that you care and want to make it better of them, are invaluable.”

Courtney, Teacher

Courtney is using Enagement Sliders to get fast and authentic feedback from her students. The app makes it easy for her to gain insights into the classroom and follow up with meaningful adjustments and conversations.


Unlock the Power of Feedback

Engagement Sliders isn't just a platform; it's a paradigm shift. It enables learning environments where feedback flows freely, insights spark actions, and every student feels seen and heard.

Foster Learner Agency

By promoting reflective learning, Engagement Sliders facilitates essential conversations about the learning process. Every student is given a voice, ensuring equitable feedback opportunities.

Empower Through Insights

Harness the strength of formative assessment and real-time data to inform your next move. Beyond standard assessments, holistic formative feedback supports a cycle of teaching, understanding, and refinement.

Inclusivity at its Core

Designed meticulously to accommodate a spectrum of ages and  learning needs, ensuring even the invisible or underserved find their stride and voice in the learning process.

Evolve in Professional Learning

Engagement Sliders isn't just for classrooms. It's a tool for growth within professional development and adult learning, enhancing collaboration and open communication.

Take strides toward a more inclusive, engaging, and feedback-rich environment.


Engagement In Practice

Explore the diverse areas of impact supported by Engagement Sliders.

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What the community is saying

"We have already had our value out of the Engagement Sliders and it has been less than a term! We have been using it with teachers for PLD.  From this feedback we can easily see if the PLD that we are designing and delivering is meeting the needs for our teaching staff.  We are looking forward to seeing the effect this can have for our learners as it is rolled out in classes and as they reflect on their learning design"

Patrice O’Connor & Rebecca Northe

Principal & DP, Te Mata School

"Sliders is an influential assessment tool that we use at Stonefields School. The slider tool enables teachers to get in the moment information as to how their learners feel about the learning at that time. Learner levels of engagement can be tracked over time, over different lessons and subjects. The slider tool offers learners the opportunity to give in the moment written feedback to their teachers, offering a great insight into the thoughts and feelings of our learners about their learning."

Hope Griffin

Associate Principal, Stonefields School

"The engagement sliders take the guesswork out of knowing if teachers learning design and teaching is hitting the mark.  Within seconds powerful feedback is provided that allows teachers to know how challenged and how much their children enjoyed the learning. These immediate insights effectively enable future design and next steps to ensure engagement for all."

Sarah Martin

Principal, Stonefields School

"As a facilitator of 'adult learning' the Engagement Sliders have been essential for my own practice.  I have the ability to see how effective a single Professional Learning Development (PLD) session has been.  I also filter across other variables such as time frames to reflect on the overall effectiveness of PLD when there have been accumulative sessions.  The feedback and conversations are often pivotal for the direction the PLD takes.
One conversation with a learner (which arose from checking in on slider feedback) highlighted that this person was begging for someone to check in with them and share a perspective that they had been sitting on for some time.  The sliders gave them the opportunity to create this opening.  Without the slider feedback this opportunity may have been missed or overseen.
The Engagement Sliders has been a key tool for my own professional growth and I can recommend its use for any 'learning setting'."


Professional Learning & Development Facilitator

Transform teaching with

Engagement Sliders